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Ab HRK 2'000

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- awesome lifechanging experience
- jump from up to 3000 meters with a USPA rated instructor on a USPA group member drop zone
- up to 35 seconds of freefall
- up to 20 minutes of panorama flight
- up to 8 minutes of flight under parachute
- certificate
- small log book
- USPA proficiency card
- included ground shots
- FREE MEDIA PACK (video and photos) of your tandem skydive
- FREE pick up (if needed)
- FREE surprise gift


MEDIA PACK includes

Approx. 5 min. edited full HD digital video of your tandem skydive
Approx 300 HD digital photos of your tandem skydive
Video & top pick photos for smartphone/tablet
Download link provided 20 mins after skydive



Ab HRK 2'000

+1 Zusätzliche Optionen

Jetzt buchen! Zur Buchungsanfrage

Arrival to the jumping spot

Filling out forms

Dressing up and fitting the equipment

Ground preparation for the jump


Taking off and flying to jump altitude

Jumping out of the plane and FREE FALL :-)

Opening and steering the parachute

Landing on the drop zone

Congratulating and handing diploma

The feeling of joy and happiness! ;-)

An unforgettable tandem jump FREE FALL experience from a plane

Unique views during the panoramic flight on a plane

Opportunity to steer a parachute

Everything takes place under the supervision of an USPA experienced tandem instructor

Diploma for successfully carried out skydiving tandem jump

Recording of your tandem jump




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